Wordpress design theme from scratch (Theme&Template)
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WordPress design theme from scratch (Theme&Template)

wordpress design from scratch with very basic tools and the least amount of knowledge required.


It starts with very simple steps:

  • Designing your page on photoshop/illustrator.
  • Slicing your design.
  • Extracting the HTML.
  • Integrating the HTML into wordpress.


Looking for the right theme to look for your business can be exhausted, hence why I suggest to design wordpress theme from scratch for your business and even sell them.


First of all it can work with a basic screenshot of the default wordpress design, for instance twenty twelve.


Afterwards you start finding some cool images on google that will match your wordpress design, start resizing and cutting the photo to fit in your design.

N.B. High resolution images are always better, and you can find them from google home page >> Images >> Search tools and select the size you need.


Afterwards, imagine your wordpress design file as your page, you want that particular part to be your header, all what you have to do is getting the slice tool, then draw a square over the part you’d like to have as the wordpress design header.


Design wordpress theme


Once you’re done slicing, then you can actually save the whole project, and you’ll have HTML files.


You can then open these files in your favorite text/code editor, copy it and add it to your wordpress as a page template, here’s a good start for this.


There will be some tweaks left in order to complete the wordpress design, for example uploading the images and everything.


Once you’re done, there will be only the CSS tweaks of the original theme.


The easiest way to do this is basically opening the page in your browser, then open the developer tools, and start editing your CSS in the browser, till your reach the appearance you want, then copy it from the console to your style.css.


That’s it! You’ve now started your first steps into the field of wordpress design, which is the most demanded design on the internet.


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