Verifying downloads in order not to get hacked
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Verifying downloads in order not to get hacked

Verifying downloads in order not to get hacked

Verifying downloads isn’t some sort of a skill just for a tech savy person, in face everybody should verify their download.

What would verifying downloads offer you:

  • You’ll make sure that the file that you downloaded, is actually what the uploader uploaded.
  • Virus free download.
  • For slow internet verifying downloads would assure you, you downloaded the whole file.


What software/program should we use for verifying downloads?


If you’re on linux like me, I don’t use anything just my CLI, or my terminal, same works for MacOS too.


So let’s say you’ve downloaded an operating system iso.


We’ll open up our terminal and navigate to the folder that we’re verifying the downloads at, then we start with this command:

md5sum OSisofilename.iso


Now to some people this might not be a new piece of information of any importance at all, but it’s a very good start for average enduser to protect themselves against downloading malicious content within any of their download.


Usually the uploaders include the md5 of their upload so you can compare it with the one you download before you run it.


Talking about the importance of verifying downloads, recently linux mint got hacked, the hacker could get in their wordpress website, which we have covered the basic of how to secure it at this post.


The hackers have included some malware within the iso downloads, which has of course changed the md5 of the iso files.


That’s fresh news it only just happened yesterday, according to the official blog of linux mint, all the downloads linux mint cinnamon, were infected.


Now if you’ve downloaded an iso file at the mentioned date, please back up your file and re-download another safe iso.


Apply our tutorial today verifying downloads from linux mint website or any other website to make sure it’s safe.

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