High performance Dedicated and Cloud Hosting for your budget.

At CityNet Data Center, we are committed the best value in the hosting industry including Dedicated Server hosting, Cloud hosting, Virtual Servers, and colocation. This means constant innovation to deliver the highest performing network and customer control at affordable prices.

CityNet provide hosting services at two data centers located at centralized points between Asia, Europe, and Middle East.  Turkey Data Center located in Istanbul, and Egypt Data Center located in Cairo.


Powerful Dedicated Server hosting, Centralized Locations.

Dedicated Server hosting provide you full control and maximum performance than any other hosting plan. Customizable hardware specification to meet your hosting needs. Loaded with Linux or Windows Operating system. We provide a wide range of server specification, located at two centralized locations in Europe and the Middle East.

Dedicated Servers Plans

Cloud Servers provide you with a highly Customized Cloud hosting service packages.

A cloud hosting platform is a pool of resources Memory, Storage, and CPU cores. Purchase pools of resources, create however many virtual machines you want within your pool and scale each as required instantly. Select your OS template from over 90 operating system templates. You can set up new Cloud Servers in seconds, CityNet Cloud Builder offer advanced auto-scaling and load balancing options.

Cloud Servers Plans