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How can you choose the appropriate hosting plan?


Hosting concept

It is a service that allows you to display the content of your website on the Internet. It is the space on which files and website content are stored, such as pictures, writings and other materials, to be displayed on the browser for visitors. The hosting varies in terms of type and specifications, such as storage capacity, amount of data transmission, internet connection speed, and others. After the domain and hosting plan are reserved. The domain of the site is linked to the IP address of the hosting server, so that the site is displayed to the visitor as soon as the domain name is entered in the search index.

What is shared hosting?

If you are a small business owner and in the first steps of building your project, then shared hosting is the best economic solution for web hosting service on the web. It means hosting more than one site on a single server in which the clients share all its resources in accordance with the specifications and resources of the plan that the client chooses, as the server resources are divided among the clients in a way that does not affect each other.

And the service is provided at very reasonable prices compared to virtual private server and Dedicated servers. But the disadvantages of this type are that some problems that may occur to a client’s site may affect the server and all sites hosted on it, which makes the hosting company’s responsibility to monitor servers to reduce the problems that may occur.

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What is the difference between hosting a Windows operating system and a Linux operating system?

Windows hosting is a Microsoft Windows Server that supports the ASP.NET programming language and Access databases, and comes with a Plesk panel.This type is more expensive than Linux hosting.

As for Linux hosting, it is the most widespread and the cheapest, but its source code is open and available to everyone on programs and applications, which makes it more vulnerable to penetration. It supports PHP programming language and Mysql databases, and comes with a Cpanel control panel.

What is the Dedicated server?

Servers are computers with high capabilities and a strong internet connection and designed to host a number of websites, or major sites that need high resources or that expect a large number of visitors. The client has full control and therefore it needs a technical background to manage it, either through the client or by delegating a hosting company to technically manage it by a specialized technical support team.

Dedicated servers are the most expensive type of hosting, and large institutions and companies often work with it to achieve the greatest degree of safety and privacy for their business.

The server consists of:

-Storage: Where files are stored.

-RAM: It is responsible for temporary storage of data.

-CPU data processor: responsible for processing data.

-Operating system: It is the one that transforms the server from a machine to a device that executes the command. Examples of operating systems are Linux and Windows.

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What is the Virtual Private Server?

Virtual Private Servers are a large server with high resources that is divided into a number of virtual servers, and the resources of each server are determined and allocated separately, so that each VPS becomes a private server, but with lower capabilities and cost. It is the most used type of hosting due to its lower cost than the private server and more flexibility and control than shared hosting, It also has the advantage that it can be installed on any operating system you want, regardless of the dedicated or complete server operating system on which the default is located.

The Virtual Private Server needs a technical background to manage it, so the responsibility of securing the server is the responsibility of the client alone or he can delegate a hosting company to manage it.

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