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What is Email hosting? What are the advantages offered?


What is the Email hosting?

Email hosting means hosting an email space that is created with your own domain extension and its importance is to create a mail in your name and your business name that increases the credibility of your brand and the confidence of your customers, where many prefer free Email hosting, and because it is free, the demand for it is great, but if you want to have a professional Email for your business, you should not use the free such as that provided by Yahoo or Hotmail because it is not evidence of professionalism and credibility, so always Marketing experts recommend having an Email with your name.

When you have a professional mail and print your business card or send an email to one of the companies or clients you deal with, you do so by marketing your company and business.

The advantages of Email hosting:-

– Have a clear and simple control panel. Add or delete the mail accounts you want depending on the size of your business, with the number of accounts according to an Email plan.

– Get unlimited Emails with your company name like

– Ease of linking to Email programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird and also easy to connect to mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android.

– Ease of use also from web mail and accessed from anywhere.

– Facilitate employees in your company to communicate via Email service for your site.

The most important elements when choosing Email hosting:-

– Providing Email hosting through a cloud environment with a high availability infrastructure to ensure the continuity of the service in a professional manner and high performance without being affected by any sudden malfunctions, provided that it is fully managed by the service provider with the knowledge of a team of specialists and technicians.

– It has the capacity to use a large number of clients simultaneously with the ability to efficiently send thousands of messages per second to thousands of clients.

– The service is fully secured at all levels through the application of the most important cyber-security standards such as protection from distributed dumping attacks and intensive DDoS attacks that prevent the continuity and regularity of the service.

– End-To-End Encryption to ensure that Emails are sent accurately without the possibility of phishing or spying on them during transmission.

– The use of anti-Spam protection programs to reduce the reception of annoying messages and counter to them automatically and constantly updated.

– Use specialized anti-malware and virus protection programs to ensure that no mail breaches occur through any received files that contain viruses, which harm the company’s interests.

– High-level encryption of the databases of the service itself ensuring that no customer data is leaked.(Data Leakage Prevention).

– The service contains the cloud file preservation service, which is integrated within the Email service, for ease of use or sharing with other colleagues or clients.

– The ability to synchronize the contents of mail with the rest of the Email management applications for desktop or mobile (Active-Sync).

– The possibility of activating the second stage of protection before entering 2FA – 2nd Factor Authentication by sending a text message on the mobile containing a password that is extracted when entering the mail from untrusted devices for the first time.


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