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Guide to buying dedicated hosting

In case you are looking for a physical server that is specifically dedicated for your use, then a dedicated server is the way to go. Unlike shared server or VPS hosting, the user of a dedicated server is allocated a private computer in the data center of the service provider. This means that the user does not share operating system or files with any one.

Dedicated server hosting enables the user to enjoy full control of the server since it exclusively runs user’s applications. In contrast, VPS and shared server hosting entails sharing computing resources. Before buying dedicated hosting services from any provider, you should consider the following key factors:

Hardware specifications

The performance and reliability of a server is greatly determined by the quality of the parts used by the provider. To avoid hardware-related downtimes, you should ensure that the provider uses highly quality parts. So, what are the server specifications that you should consider prior to selecting a hosting provider? CPU, storage (HDD), and RAM are the most important server specifications that you should pay attention to. Before selecting a specific combination, you should have a good understanding of your current and future needs.

Services and technical support

Most dedicated server hosting providers have a pool of widely experienced system administrators. These experts offer services in different areas of specialization including database configuration, virtualization, and web security to mention a few. As a user, you can opt to employ your system administrators or use the services offered by the hosting provider. Some providers offer these services as part of the hosting package. To avoid unnecessary headaches, you should select a hosting provider that offers efficient customer support. Technical issues should be addressed without delays to shorten downtimes and minimize losses.

Quality of the data center operations

Before selecting a particular provider of dedicated server hosting, you should research to understand the quality and reliability of the services offered by each company. You should select a hosting company that has the capability to meet the required redundancy and latency. The quality of data center operations is dependent on network connections, power sources, cooling units, and public internet carriers. Network latency is greatly determined by the quality of networking in a datacenter. Most enterprise-level hosting companies offer high quality and reliable services.

Hosting charges

It is important to understand the pricing models of different hosting companies before selecting one. You should research to understand how the companies you have identified charge for different packages. By comparing their services and prices, you will be able to identify the best package for your needs.

Although most dedicated server hosting companies do not charge for traffic, it is always important to pay close attention to know the full amount that you will be charged. In addition, it is important to know the amount each company charges for consultation services, configuration changes, hardware upgrades, and any other service that you may need later.

Terms of service

You should make sure that you understand their contracts and their terms of services. Some terms may be unfriendly and you should be able to spot them and seek clarification before entering into a contract.


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