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At CityNet Host Data Center , we are committed the best value in the Hosting business including Dedicated Servers, and Cloud services Hosting. This means constant innovation to deliver the highest performing network and customer control at affordable prices.

CityNet Host colocation services allows you to locate your server in our co-location hosting gateway near by your customers in a centralized point between Asia, Europe, and Middle East.

CityNet Cloud VPS provide you with a highly customized Cloud service packages.

A cloud is a pool of resources Memory, Storage, and CPU cores. Purchase pools of resources, create however many virtual machines you want within your pool and scale each as required instantly. Select your OS template from over 90 operating system templates. You can set up new Cloud Servers in seconds, CityNet Cloud Builder offer advanced auto-scaling and load balancing options.

  • SSD SAN Storage with guaranteed QoS.
  • More that 90 Linux and Window OS templates, or your custom templates.
  • Firewall Management.
  • iOS/Android Cloud management app.
  • Free Backups.
  • Auto scaling resources according to your needs.


Cloud Server Plans

Cloud Server 512 MB
$0.007 /hour
Dedicated 512 MB Ram
1 CPU Core
20 GB SSD Cloud Storage
1 TB Monthly Bandwidth
Cloud Server 1 GB
$0.015 /hour
Dedicated 1 GB Ram
1 CPU Core
30 GB SSD Cloud Storage
2 TB Monthly Bandwidth
Cloud Server 2 GB
$0.03 /hour
Dedicated 2 GB Ram
2 CPU Core
40 GB SSD Cloud Storage
3 TB Monthly Bandwidth
Cloud Server 4 GB
$0.06 /hour
Dedicated 4 GB Ram
2 CPU Core
80 GB SSD Cloud Storage
4 TB Monthly Bandwidth

Quality Hosting

Reliable Network

At CityNet Data Center, We have a clearly defined strategy focusing on our channel business which means we are adding new products and services to solve a broadening array of challenges presented by our Partners. Executing this strategy translates directly into our ability to help Partners continuously achieve success and profit.

Complex systems management cost time and money, troubleshoot and maintenance. Our solutions designed to provide our clients with powerful but simple and reliable service , complete with industry-leading SLAs and state of the art technologies to make sure our infrastructure is sufficiently solid for your solution requirements.

Customer Support

24/7 Premium support

CityNet Dedicated Servers, Virtual Servers, Cloud Services, Managed and Colocation services are all covered with 24/7 Technical support. Compare our wide selection of hosting packages. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service specialists through our 24/7 Live Chat. You may also call us directly Contact